FERC License Compliance

FERC License Compliance

January 11, 2011 by admin

Essex staff prepared: Shoreline Management; Critical Habitats Management, and; Littoral Zone Monitoring Plans as a FERC license compliance requirement.

The Essex Partnership has provided communication, outreach and organization support of a utilities working group focused on electric vehicle policy and infrastructure planning.

Historically the capture of agricultural methane for electrical generation has not been economic for small farms. Essex is currently evaluating the technical and economic feasibility of several promising options to expand an existing “Cow Power” program to make small farm participation feasible.

Vermont Generation Alternatives

May 30, 2010 by admin

The Partnership completed a strategic assessment of generation development options for a consortium of Vermont’s electric providers. This technology neutral analysis compared the ability of each generation alternative to provide projected future capacity needs, key risk factors, development and operating costs, environmental considerations and regulatory risk.

Essex is the lead technical resource in a collaborative phased effort to evaluate the feasibility of repowering five existing dams on an historic American Heritage River in Rhode Island.

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