Blackstone River Watershed Hydropower Screening Study

May 25, 2010 by admin

This collaborative renewable energy feasibility study project includes several local and Federal partners in the evaluation of several abandoned dams for hydropower generation. The Partnership is working with the Conservation Law Foundation, the Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund, the law firm of Chace, Ruttenberg and Freedman as well as several local stakeholders to complete preliminary technical, environmental, and economic assessments to determine the viability of restoring historic mill dams for electrical generation. Initial efforts are focused on identifying critical technical and environmental issues (fatal flaws) and completing a preliminary economic analysis to determine the cost-benefit of developing low-impact hydropower operations. 

Project partners are working in parallel to build a regional consortium of municipalities and significant energy consumers to identify and act on opportunities to increase energy efficiency, expand local sources of clean and renewable generation, to provide benefits to members of the consortium.  Creation of the newly formed,  Northern Rhode Island Regional Energy Collaborative, signifies a shift in the way consumer approach to energy generation, distribution, conservation and consumption.

Additional information on Collaborative Energy Planning is available here.

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