Dexter-Russell Hydroelectric Project

May 14, 2010 by admin

The Essex Partnership is providing engineering and regulatory assistance to a mid-sized American manufacturing company to develop a low impact hydropower facility. Once operational the project will displace approximately 30% of their current annual electrical demand with clean, renewable and economic energy produced on-site. Essex completed an initial evaluation of the site and then helped the client obtain grant funding to complete a more detailed site-specific feasibility study. As part of the feasibility study Essex engineers and scientists worked closely with the client to develop a design that was both technically and economically viable while significantly reducing environmental issues typical of hydroelectric projects.

Our concensus based approach with regulators and other stakeholders has created a collaborative regulatory atmosphere. Our early outreach efforts allowed for early identification of issues of concern and has resulted in a significant reduction in regulatory process time and associated and cost advantages. Essex continues to work with the client to obtain necessary regulatory approvals to construct and bring this project on-line. Over the next phases of the project we will provide assistance in; securing grants and other incentive funding, obtaining regulatory and interconnection approvals, equipment procurement, construction, testing & start-up, and operations and maintenance.

Additional information on the Dexter-Russell Hydropower Project can be obtained from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) eLibrary under docket number P-13564.

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