Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP)

April 7, 2010 by admin

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) is a collaborative effort involving water users and state and federal resource agencies to develop a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) under Section 7 of the Federal Endangered Species Act that would allow for continued water diversions from the Delta while protecting listed species.

The Essex Partnership in collaboration with the Conservation Biology Institute facilitated two independent science advisory panels for the BDCP. The Partnership was responsible for identifying and securing independent science advisors and facilitating workshops designed to solicit guidance on scientific issues related to species and habitat conservation in the Delta. The Partnership also served as a liaison between the science advisors and the developers of the BDCP to insure integrity and independence.

We continue to support BDCP efforts through facilitation and science based support of the process to develop a standard evaluation tool for proposed measures to promote the recovery of listed species and natural communities.

Additional information on BDCP and related efforts:

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