Preliminary Findings

Ten Mile River Hydropower Feasibility Study

January 10, 2011 by admin


Draft Report


  • Ten Mile River Feasibility Study Report (w/ appendices) – Draft 1/10/11
  • Ten Mile River Feasibility Study Report (report text only) – Draft 1/10/11
  • Ten Mile River Feasibility Study Appendices – Draft 1/10/11
  • Preliminary Draft Economic Model (1/7/11)









    The Essex Partnership, LLC was retained by the City of East Providence to evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of developing hydropower at the Turner Reservoir, Hunt’s Mill and Omega Pond Dams. The analysis addresses the following Feasibility Study (FS) tasks:

    1. Preliminary Dam Inspections;

    2. Hydrology and Hydraulic Analysis;

    3. Preliminary Project Configurations;

    4. Environmental Resources and Regulatory Analysis;

    5. Energy Modeling and Generation Potential;

    6. Cost Estimates; and

    7. Economic Analysis.


    For the purposes of this FS we identified preliminary project configurations and turbine equipment options designed to fit the physical characteristics of the sites. Based on the selected equipment options we developed a screening level energy model and then performed a comparative economic analysis to identify the most economically attractive development options. The economic findings are preliminary and will likely change based on additional site specific information and more detailed analyses.

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