Environmental Science

Essex staff have extensive experience in applied environmental and ecological sciences. We provide practical guidance and strategies in the fields of environmental conservation, resource management and ecological restoration.

Our approach is focused on addressing the drivers of ecosystem functions to promote the sustainability of the natural environment and the critical services provided by healthy systems.

We are well respected in the field of environmental science as is demonstrated by our diverse group of clients which include: developers; utilities; non-profits; governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Our clients benefit from our integrated understanding of natural systems, resource protection standards and development requirements. This knowledge facilitates informed decision-making for investors and resource managers; resulting in reduced risks, costs and processing time for regulatory approvals.

Representative projects include:

  • About The Essex Partnership

    Tule Marsh

    Strategic energy and environmental planning.

    Working with diverse stakeholders in collaborative environments to forge lasting agreements.

    The Essex Partnership focuses on helping decision makers capitalize on emerging opportunities while maintaining high standards of environmental stewardship and social responsibility.