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Distributed Generation

April 7, 2010 by admin

Distributed generation represents one of the most promising strategic energy choices for industries to reduce their electric bills and increase energy independence.  The concept of distributed generation places the source of energy at or near the demand. This co-location of generation and demand significantly reduces the transmission and distribution requirements providing positive economic and environmental benefits.

The Essex Partnership is engaged in several new distributed generation facilities including a 10MW natural gas combined heat and power project, a number of small hydroelectric projects and several mid-sized solar photovoltaic projects. Depending on the needs of our client, our services can include overseeing design, permitting, interconnection agreements, construction and operation, or acting as the Owner’s engineer or adjunct staff.

Essex Energy is working in partnership with a major real estate developer to design, permit, and construct a “behind the meter” natural gas plant in Massachusetts. The facility will serve as a combined heat and power (CHP) resource significantly increasing overall energy efficiency for the host industries. The project will be designed to service electrical and heat loads for a major food distribution company and an existing chemical company with plans to expand output to service a future business park. This project will provide reliable energy and thermal resources in an area with significant transmission constraints.

In Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Essex Energy is actively developing a number of small hydro facilities at existing dams. These projects will contribute to state renewable portfolio standards (RPS) goals and offer net metering opportunities for adjacent businesses. Self-generation can significantly reduce costs for electricity, contributes to maintaining or enhancing cost-competitiveness, and in some cases provide a new revenue stream.

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