Asset Management

Our principals have directed due diligence studies, development efforts, valuations and acquisitions of energy assets throughout the United States, South America and Asia. We assist our clients in developing and managing portfolios of various types and sizes and approach these assignments from a business perspective, focusing on key drivers of value.

Recent experience inlcudes:

  • Gravity Renewables – Prepared independent engineer lender’s due diligence evaluations on several hydropower assets.
  • Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS)  Assisted CVPS in evaluating and securing over 18 MW of hydropower, including the development of energy and economic models to quickly screen possible upgrade opportunities that were critical in valuing the acquisition.
  • Energy Investors Fund  Directed preliminary and final due diligence on the acquisition of a portfolio of 14 hydropower assets totaling over 100 MW of capacity located in eight states. Work included a rapid screening of all 14 assets to facilitate a one month close.
  • Green Mountain Power  Conducted a search and screening of existing gas-fired generation assets in the ISO New England area for potential acquisition. The evaluation included over 21,000 MW of assets and was conducted in less than two months, including detailed economic modeling and presentation of results.
  • (Confidential Client) Pumped Storage Evaluation  Identified and evaluated opportunities to retrofit several existing conventional hydropower projects to provide pumped storage capabilities that could be used to facilitate grid integration of intermittent renewable generation.
  • Energy Fundamentals Group  Provided buyer’s due diligence assessment of a small hydropower asset in southern New England. The assessment included a thorough review of the physical plant and electrical components as well as all regulatory and contractual documentation.
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