Cargill Falls Hydroelectric Project

Cargill Falls Hydroelectric Project

April 7, 2010 by admin

The Essex Partnership conducted feasibility and licensing studies for a proposed 1 – 2 MW hydroelectric development on the Quinebaug River in northeastern Connecticut.

In 2008 Essex performed a reconnaissance level condition assessment on several existing generation facilities in northern New England. The study also included preliminary assessment of options for adding capacity and transmission support (through upgrades or new development) at several strategic locations.

The Essex Partnership performed a Condition Assessment of existing equipment and Upgrade Feasibility Study at New England’s largest pump storage hydro project.

Collaborative discussions between developers, regulators, and non-governmental organizations are taking place throughout the country to examine regional scale energy development opportunities. These efforts range from watershed-scale hydropower planning to coordinating the mulit-state infrastructure needs in preparation for the arrival of next-generation electric vehicles.

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    Strategic energy and environmental planning.

    Working with diverse stakeholders in collaborative environments to forge lasting agreements.

    The Essex Partnership focuses on helping decision makers capitalize on emerging opportunities while maintaining high standards of environmental stewardship and social responsibility.